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Est. 1982

Celebrating over 30 years!

Right off the bat things you need to know!
Turnaround time is well over 10 months.
I do so many fish a year (1036 last year) and I paint each one myself. That's why the quality is of the highest level and consistent. It takes a tremendous amount of time to produce the high quality replicas like what you find here for so many clients. If you are not a patient person this is not going to be the place for you. But if you want the highest quality and can wait for it then this is the right place for you and I know that you appreciate the art side of fish taxidermy!

We are the Elite standard of fish taxidermy

We have been written about and spotlighted in 32 magazines since 1982

Read the article in April 2011 issue of "Texas Fish and Game magazine" about us!

Read the article about us in Smallmouth magazine February 2013

"Read the article in everything-smallmouth about us and my replica fish" in March 2014!



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MY clients are like me, a special breed of fisher people that appreciate the art side of the fish in the world and appreciate that quality in the mounts from here in the same way. If you want FAST, there are plenty of those places out there !!!!!!!!!!!!!
I would prefer you to go to those places and enjoy that type of replica they produce!
BUT !!!!!!!!!!! if you want something SPECIAL and are willing to wait for it you will have something special! I raised my personal bar years ago on replica fish taxidermy to what you see here on my site today. It takes time and if you just don't understand or get it your experience here will not be a good one. I refuse to rush a fish, I refuse to be at the mercy of a clock, I refuse to compromise! A fish replica, one fish, might take me days to complete for a client. But it will look like it came right out of the water. This is my life and my passion. I will not cheapen it, belittle it or become a businessman and have to run this like a business to just spit out the product because someone wants it faster. I am an artist. I paint fish. Blood, sweat and tears are what I put in each one! Now you know where I come from. God bless! And enjoy the site!

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We pledge to give the highest quality and attention to your trophy to preserve that memory for a lifetime.

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